TV Shows and Films Privacy Policy

TV Shows and Films is a simple web tool developed by Manicgrin Media Ltd. It uses APIs to deliver information about the availability of movies and TV shows on streaming services in the United Kingdom and United States of America.

The data we collect about you

We collect your email address, which we use as a unique identifier for logging in to the site. We also use it to send you task reminder emails and infrequent product updates. Both of these are optional and opt-in.

Google Universal Analytics

We use Google Universal Analytics to collect information about how you use our site. We do this to analyse usage and browsing trends and help us make improvements to the site content and user experience. If you’d rather not have this information recorded it’s possible to opt out of Google Analytics using this online tool. You can find out more about how Google use your data via their Privacy Policy.

We use Google Analytics to track:

We don’t use Google Analytics to track your personal data and any analysis we undertake using information from this service will never be used to try and identify who you are.

Google Analytics sets the following cookies:


We use basic geolocation using your IP address to identify which country you are in. This is only used to set default options in our search form. This information is not stored beyond that already detailed above.


Here is a list of the cookies stored for this session: