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6th May

5th May

A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower

"A strange death of a beautiful coffee shop manager in skyscraper, involving multiple criminal suspect in the community: the property committee, agents, middle-class elites, novelist, white-collar worker...Showing good and evil in the building,and insinuate the urban world. "

American Mobster

Nick Romano must navigate through murder, violence, and betrayal in order to maintain his place as the top mobster in Miami.

And Then There Were None

Ten strangers are gathered at a manor house on an isolated island by an unknown absentee host and are being killed off one-by-one. Trying to keep their wits, the survivors reach a disturbing conclusion: one of them must be the killer.

Anne of Green Gables

A beautiful new adaptation of the classic story of charming, feisty red-head Anne, who tries to stay out of trouble so she can stay at Green Gables.

Baby Shark and More Kids Songs

Sing and dance along to Baby Shark, Let's be Superheroes, We're Firefighters, and more fun kids tunes! Get your little one bouncing with this catchy, colorful mix of original songs and classic nursery rhymes.

Blood Mountain

Three mountain bikers have a deadly encounter with some hunters on Blood Mountain.

Can't Complain

Raised by their father to pretend to be the same person, three triplet brothers fall in love with the same woman when one of them seeks psychiatric help.

Holy Rollers

Inspired by a true crime story. Sam (Jesse Eisenberg) risks everything when he becomes a drug mule for an Israeli cartel.

John Wayne

John Wayne burns up the screen in this thrilling tale of vengeance in the Wild West. When his father is gunned down by bandits John Mason (Wayne) hatches a plot to catch the killer. Little does he know the killer has plans of his own! Featuring a thrilling gun battle with famed Wayne collaborator Yakima Canutt, Cold Vengeance has been beautifully restored and is in color for the first time!

Lady Ice

An insurance investigator romances a wealthy young beauty when he suspects she may be involved in fencing stolen jewels.

Lava Ka Dhaava

Actor Jaaved Jaafferi brings his signature humor to this Hindi dubbing of the show where teams creatively navigate rooms flooded with make-believe lava.

Lava Storm

Lori and John Wilson, employees of an emergency response center, must find a way to survive the initial lava storms, to save John's father and their two teenage children. Even more importantly, they must find a way to slow the path of the lava storms, to give humankind the time to find a solution to this natural disaster, in order to save humanity and our Earth.

Leave of Absence

Sam has been happily married to Elisa for years, but things suddenly change when the fun-loving, free-spirited Nell breezes into his life as a business client. Sam falls for her and they embark on an affair until Nell is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Feeling torn, Sam not only informs his family of what has been going on, but wishes to move in with Nell during her final months.

On The Edge

The world's top saber fencer, Alexandra Pokrovskaya, is famous, rich, and happy. Just one feat stands between her and the history books: taking Olympic gold. One feat, and one opponent - nineteen-year-old Kira Yegorova, a small-town girl who conquered Moscow overnight. Kira is stunning the competition, featuring on the covers of magazines as she goes. Will she take Pokrovskaya's place?


When a young woman's boyfriend dumps her after discovering she's pregnant, her mischievous co-worker comes up with a scheme to get back at him.


Get ready to tango with RANGO, a winner with critics and audiences that's "like nothing you've ever seen before"; (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone). Johnny Depp is spectacular as Rango, a kooky pet chameleon who gets tossed into a wild and raucous town in desperate need of a hero.


When a S.W.A.T. team takes in a mysterious, high-profile prisoner, international threats unleash a barrage of attacks on their compound to retrieve him.

Saving Face

"Wil" Pang (Michelle Krusiec), is constantly balancing her career as a surgeon and her duties as a daughter. She keeps her personal life a secret from family, until her mother turns up with her own surprise. As her carefully compartmentalized worlds collide, Wil must find her mother a husband, and choose between breaking a cycle of keeping up appearances, or risk losing the girl she loves.

The Dream House Brazil Season 1

The Dream House Brazil is the first reality show about real estate produced in the USA by and for Brazilians. With incredible properties, breathtaking places and beautiful stories of Brazilian immigrants in America, The Dream House Brazil reveals a dream come true in the United States.

The Prankster

Chris Karas is the brilliant leader of The Pranksters, a secret society that rights the wrongs of high school by pulling sophisticated pranks on deserving oppressors. But with graduation looming, Chris longs for more from life. Guided by the homespun wisdom of his charmingly eccentric Uncle Nick, Chris embarks on a challenging path of self-discovery and romance.

The Pretty One

Laurel (Kazan) has always been the odd wallflower, while her glamorous identical twin, Audrey (Kazan), possesses the confidence and appeal to succeed in the big city. When tragedy strikes and Laurel is mistaken for her twin sister, she makes the impulsive decision to assume her sister's identity and become The Pretty One.

The Sons of Sam

The Son of Sam case grew into a lifelong obsession for journalist Maury Terry, who became convinced that the murders were linked to a satanic cult.

The Woman

The Woman is the last surviving member of a deadly clan of feral cannibals that has roamed the American wilderness for decades. When country lawyer Chris Cleek stumbles upon her whilst hunting in the woods, he decides to capture and "civilize" her with the help of his seemingly perfect all-American family. They will soon learn, however, that hell hath no fury like The Woman scorned.

Time Sleeper

Sarah, upon accidentally discovering time travel through the use of a drug, must now travel back one year into the past to save her son from a fatal accident.


Two mischievous yet lovable five-year-old twins and their friends enjoy daily life and new discoveries with the residents of their Malaysian village.

Upstream Color

A man and woman are drawn together, entangled in the lifecycle of an ageless organism. Identity becomes an illusion as they struggle to assemble the loose fragments of wrecked lives.

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women

The first expedition to Venus discovers that the planet is inhabited by prehistoric creatures, man-eating plants and a race of beautiful, telepathic women.

4th May

45 Days To Be Rich

Before Jake and Joe can inherit their mother's million dollars, they must first abide by her will and agree to live with their estranged Greek brother for 45 days.

A warm december

On holiday in London with his little daughter Stephanie, the widower, the American black surgeon Mat Younger, meets the young Katherine Mosovandou, granddaughter of the ambassador of an African state. Falling in love with her, who reciprocates his feelings, Mat discovers that the girl is suffering from a terrible anemia, which will leave her, at best, a few years of life ...

Bol Baby Bol

A mother who disowns her son Rahul newly wed daughter in law Sonali because her nephew Nandu tells her that as per her horoscope, Sonali will not be able to bear a child toddler


In a broken world struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, a new super virus that escapes from melting permafrost threatens to destroy mankind. An elite special forces group must transport the leading virologist to her lab, where she is on the verge of a groundbreaking discovery. But, the nail-biting journey is filled with danger, zombies and other threats much closer to home.

Cinema Paradiso

Giuseppe Tornatore's loving homage to the cinema tells the story of Salvatore, a successful film director, returning home for the funeral of Alfredo, his old friend who was the projectionist at the local cinema throughout his childhood. Soon memories of his first love affair with the beautiful Elena and all the highs and lows that shaped his life come flooding back.


Twelve-year-old Itan's promising life is turned upside down when she comes home from school, with her younger brother, to find her mother taken away by immigration police. Suddenly she must rely on her estranged uncle, a bad-tempered big rig truck driver.


A jovial man slowly becomes a zombie whilst attempting to apply for government welfare. He finds himself caught in bureaucratic red tape and struggling with his escalating hunger for human flesh. 2 times WINNER at the 'Independent Horror Movie Awards', WINNER at '6ix Screams' and NOMINEE at 'Hollywood South Film Festival' and SEMI-FINALIST at 'Small Axe @ Tolpuddle Radical Short Film Awards'.


The morning after Halloween, Del woke up in his truck hungover and covered in dirt, Brandt was found floating in a river, and Susan was rushed to the hospital, bloody and cold. Now, a week before Christmas, they seek the mysterious truth about what happened that fateful night.

Frank & Fearless

A rural boy, a large dog, an orphaned baby rhino and an aging reprobate set out to stop the rhino slaughter. Their quest buffets them between high comedy and searing tragedy, until they end up an inspiration and a conscience to a world in need of heroes.

Giant Jack

Six-year old Hank and his best pal, a giant trash truck, explore the world around them on fantastical adventures with their animal friends.

Into the Badlands

Barston is a bounty hunter who hunts down the unstoppable criminal Red Roundtree. In the course of his search Barston comes across McComas, another thug hunted by Sheriff Starett. Barston lets McComas go and hides in a small border town where he meets and falls in love with Blossom, the saloon girl. The two live a short season of love, but then ...

Kaalamellam Kaathiruppen

Rich boy Kannan hears Manimekalai sing in a temple and falls in love with her. But when all his attempts to befriend her only earn her wrath, he has to find a new way to impress her.


Muthazhagu, a fisherman, rescues Vaidehi when she tries to commit suicide. She loves him but is soon taken away by her rich father to be married elsewhere. Muthazhagu decides to confront her father.

Kuriyan Jawan Bapu Preshaan

This film based on a person, who is surrounded by people, who always diverts father's thoughts, to doubt on his own daughter. But daughters prove everyone wrong and show that girls are not less than anyone.


A small time talent agent discovers an amazing boxing kangaroo and decides to use it as a stepping stone to hit it big time.

Oorantha Anukuntunnaru

Ramapuram has a weird custom of approving a couple's wedding only if the entire village is okay with it. On the other hand, the elders in the village decide that Mahesh (Naveen) and Gauri (Megha) should get married. But the twist is that Mahesh falls in love with Maya (Sophiya) and Gauri falls in love with Siva (Srinivasa Avasarala). The rest of the story is coming out of this tricky situation.

Phoenix Point

A Virus has devastated the world. Survivors living in hot deserts are addicted to mind altering drugs and starving for human flesh. Jack Ladd, a loutish ecstasy dealer searches for a mythical cure to escape the cruel, surreal insanity of the Desert. Written & Directed by Lebanese Poet Randala, Phoenix Point is an absurd, erotic, post apocalyptic nightmare, with echoes of Walkabout and Mad Max


By day, a small group of engineers work for a large corporation. By night, they conduct extracurricular experiments in their garage. While tweaking their latest project, they accidentally discover it has highly unexpected capabilities... ones that may enable them to do and gain anything they conceive.


1944, when the women from a Welsh village find their husbands are missing, they must work with a German platoon to survive.


Iconic Mexican-American performer Selena rises to fame as she and her family make sacrifices in order to achieve their lifelong dreams.


An attempt to launder stolen money finances a cryptocurrency that puts entrepreneurs in business with a corrupt FBI agent and a Miami gang.

Supply & Demand

From award-winning writer Lynda La Plante comes this action-packed series about a narcotics officer (Eamonn Walker) who must guide a by-the-book cop (Ade Sapara) who is being groomed for command in a police force.

The Box

Tyler Stevens is an obsessive, struggling actor in Hollywood, who begins to question his sanity when he finds himself repeatedly trapped in a nightmare surrounded by mirrors. As Tyler gets increasingly close to obtaining a major movie role, he discovers the plot is eerily similar to his dreams.

The Robot Giant

A great war has just finished when a giant robot, finds himself wandering, lost and alone. Luckily, he stumbles into a tiny, hapless robot who has lost his memory and is now stuck with his new companion. Together, the pair decide to journey across the desert in search of Ram, the creator of all robots, to learn more about themselves. A fun and heart-warming adventure, perfect for all family!

Woman On The Run

An unsuccessful artist in a failed marriage becomes an eyewitness to a murder and goes into hiding. He's pursued around San Francisco by his wife (Ann Sheridan) a reporter (Dennis O'Keefe), the police (Robert Keith), and the killer.

3rd May

Grey's Anatomy

Follow the team of doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial.


Katrina is a washed-up MMA fighter who must come back to the ring and fight in a tournament to save her son's life. But the tournament is in hell, and she will have to fight her way past man, beasts, and the demons that haunt her from within.

John Wick Chapter 2

The continuing adventures of former hitman, John Wick.

Loss and Found

A young man is devastated after losing his best friend, his dog Russell. Eventually he finds purpose in his life through saving the lives of more rescue dogs. "Loss and Found" is an award winning short film that's been called "Pit Bulls and Parolees" meets "The Hangover". A heartfelt comedy based on a true story that addresses issues surrounding animal rescue.

Love Exchange

A romantic journey of a culturally opposite couple who met at their work place, became good friends and ultimately fell in love. Things are fine till they decide to get married but will they manage to convince their parents and make it to their wedding?

Prince Philip

This intimate portrait traces the life of Prince Philip from his youth to his royal marriage and influence amid political and social shifts in the UK.


RISEN is the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection, as told through the eyes of a non-believer. Starring Joseph Fiennes and Cliff Curtis.

The Durrells

In 1935, a widow facing dwindling funds and limited prospects uproots her four children, ages 11-21, to start a new life on the Greek isle of Corfu.

The Sleepless

Chronic insomniacs Zach and Sophia wander the pre-dawn streets of New York City on an impromptu first date. This award-winning indie romance stars Nyambi Nyambi (The Good Fight), Rebecca De Ornelas (The Videoblogs), and Ajay Naidu (Office Space).

Win the Wilderness

Six couples compete to prove they've got the survival skills to win the deed to an extraordinary home deep in the vast, rugged wilderness of Alaska.

2nd May

All The Pretty Horses

Young Texan John Grady Cole (Matt Damon) embarks on an adventure south of the border. Before long, he falls into a forbidden affair with the beautiful young daughter (Penelope Cruz) of a wealthy Mexican landowner. As Cole follows the wild path of his heart, he is led on a journey he could never have expected- one that will test his resilience, define his maturity and change his life forever.


The story of intelligence officer Max Vatan, who in 1942 North Africa encounters French Resistance fighter Marianne Beausejour on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Reunited in London, their relationship is threatened by the extreme pressures of the war.

Changing Shadow

Recently married couple struggles for balance. Conflict starts with financial issues, personal priorities & lack of communication. She carries a baggage from her bitter past and he is hard set in his own ways. Is there such a thing called perfect marriage or is perfect marriage just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other?


When LA is invaded by outside forces and becomes a walled-in settlement, a former FBI agent and his wife risk everything to find their lost son.


It is 1925. Caroline has become uncontrollable, and psychiatrists can't contain her wild, nocturnal rituals. A writer reconstructs the phenomenon from old photographs, and becomes possessed by the story that invades her dreams.


When Bobby's (Sean Penn) car breaks down strange town of Superior, Arizona he meets beautiful Grace (Jennifer Lopez) and her powerful husband Jake (Nick Nolte). Jake offers Bobby money to kill Grace and Grace asks Bobby to get rid of Jake. Both offer him a way out-kill one for the other. The stakes are high as Bobby is locked into a deadly game of lust, madness and money.


Winner of 3 Academy Awards®, WHIPLASH tells the story of an ambitious student drummer (Miles Teller) and his ruthless teacher (J.K. Simmons) who will stop at nothing to achieve perfection.

1st May

3 Ninjas

While having a blast at their favorite amusement park, Mega Mountain, the Ninja brothers witness the kidnapping of TV action superstar Dave Dragon (Hulk Hogan) by evil Lothar Zogg and his kid-hating boss Medusa (Loni Anderson). When Medusa's henchman surround the park and demand $10 million from the park's owner, the Ninjas strike back with a vengeance.


Rap superstars DMX and Nas play two hustlers, Tommy and Sincere, who've been trying to move out of the ghetto and get a taste of the good life.

Below Deck

As staff on a luxury yacht, a young crew navigates life at sea as workplace romances, demanding guests and waves of drama threaten their happy voyage.

Black robe

In the 17th century, a Jesuit missionary nicknamed Black Robe by the natives and his small party of companions try reaching the Huron tribe in Canada all while facing mistrust, Iroquois warring parties and harsh winter conditions.

Bottom Feeders

When given an ultimatum by his girlfriend, an underachieving college student must choose between her, his chauvinist friend and his self-respect while an eccentric Sociology Professor puts them all to the test.

Buck Commander

Follow along as the Buckmen hunt the whole deer season all across the country.

C.P.O. Sharkey

Don Rickles stars in this classic 70's sitom featuring the comic exploits of an acid-tongued chief petty officer in the U.S. Navy.

Clown Fear

A runaway bride and her bridesmaids are stranded in a city run by clowns. Everything seemed normal at first but this clown cult has their own set of rules. It's a carnival ride as our girls tries to stay alive to escape Clown City.

Decoys 2

When the male students at a small Northwestern college enter into a sex-fueled competition to see who can hook-up with the most co-eds by the end of the summer, the race to bed the most beautiful babes takes an unexpectedly deadly turn.

Double Edge

Carmen is a rent killer who crosses Maggie's path, an FBI agent investigating the murder of an important witness.

Eagle Eye

An aimless slacker finds himself inexplicably linked to a notorious terrorist cell and hotly pursued by federal authorities.

Free State

A random act of kindness sparks a forbidden love affair between a white girl and an Indian man during the Apartheid system in South Africa.

Glammys - School of Fashion Vlog

Glammys School of Fashion Vlog follows the stories of a group of boys and girls passionate about fashion and attending a famous school to fulfil their own big dream: become the future stars of the fashion business, each one in a different role, mainly designers and makeup artists.


We watch hours of television every day - the TV set is the focal point of our home; it’s where we eat, chat, break up, make up, chill out or freak out. ‘The national conversation’ takes place under the watchful glow of our flat screens, and now ‘Gogglebox’ is here to capture it.


Badri, a thief, attempts to steal a mysterious trunk from the village of Gulaebaghavali on the orders of a businessman. However, chaos ensues when the truth about the object is revealed.


Beckett is a beautiful young teenager that is still mourning the loss of her mother. She's moved to the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her father Miles and is set to begin school at Hamilton, an exclusive prep school. Beckett is so engrossed in her grief that she fails to notice that her school is a little stranger than most schools, as its students are prone to suicides...


Three former law students run an illegal operation, disguised as a consulting firm, that specializes in helping clients catch their spouses cheating in order to receive high-dollar divorce settlements.

Journal of the Mysterious Creatures

Yoshihito, an young man, decides to rent out an empty room in the house he lives in in order to earn a living.He runs into a wolf girl and a female vampire who wants to move in, and his life as a landlord begins.He meets a god there and is sentenced to serve as an examiner, tasked to manage the different races living in the empty rooms. His funny and slapstick life with various races begins now.


Three American astronauts are stranded in space when their retros won't fire.

Marvin & Tige

Marvin, a heavy-drinking widower who has seen better days and now ekes out a living at odd jobs, meets Tige, an 11-year-old black boy about to kill himself because his mother has just died. With nowhere else to stay, Tige moves in with Marvin and they develop a close (if sometimes stormy) relationship which is good for both of them.


Animals with special powers transform into superheroes with robot dinosaurs to protect peace on Earth from menacing villains.

My Mom's New Boyfriend

A young federal agent is assigned to a new case: spy on his mother and her new lover, both suspects in an art theft ring.


A luxury ocean liner capsizes after being hit by a colossal tidal wave. The survivors have to fend for themselves as they race against time to find a way out.


Linda is devastated when her husband dies suddenly in a car crash -- but then he reappears the next day as if nothing ever happened.

Red Headed Stranger

Revisionist western about fallen preacher Shay, who guns down his wife Raysha for running off with another man. Wandering, he meets single mom Laurie. However, helpless sheriff Scoby wants Shay to help him fight the villainous Clavers

Resident Evil

In this animated edition of the Resident Evil saga, Claire and Leon reunite in an airport, where a T-virus-infected zombie has been set loose.

Road to Redemption

Fearing that terrible events are about to unfold in the world, Brock Tanner decides he and his son, Dylan, should leave Chicago for safer environs in Oregon. The question is, can the Tanners outrun what some consider impossible to elude?

School of Rock

Musician Dewey Finn gets a job as a fourth-grade substitute teacher, where he secretly begins teaching his students the finer points of rock 'n' roll.

Sutta Kadhai

Ramki and Sangili are two policemen who set out to investigate the murder of the village chief.

Swargakkunnile Kuriakose

Swargakkunnile Kuriakose is an Indian Malayalam-language psycho suspense thriller film, story of Kuriakose, born in the village of Swargakunnu.Being a single son, he grew up as a coward, afraid of the dark and death. The story narrates the mental instability of Kuriakose and his transformation through an unexpected event in his life.

Tamara Drewe

After plastic surgery, suddenly sexy Tamara triumphantly returns to her hometown, where she exploits her irresistible appeal.


A working girl tears through Tinseltown on Christmas Eve searching for the pimp who broke her heart.


A small village is terrorized by a Taklya Haiwan. Inspector Mahesh gets transfered over and also gets the support of a local journalist Lakshya to free the village from its fear.

The Fortune

Two bumbling hustlers in the 1920s attempt to gain the fortune of an heiress. Nothing will stop them . Not even murder.

The Fourth Kind

In Nome, Alaska, a psychiatrist videotapes her therapy sessions with clients who claim they've experienced alien abductions.

The Haunted Hotel

Eight tales of ghostly encounters through the decades, manifesting amid the ruins of a once grand English hotel.

The Intruders

Every town has its secrets, as college student Rose Halshford (Miranda Cosgrove) learns when she and her dad (Donal Logue) move into a musty, old house.

The Italian Job

A clever thief masterminds a major heist amid the waterways of Venice, Italy -- but a betrayal by one of his own spells disaster.


A fierce but undisciplined team of modern-day ninjas must learn to check their egos and pull together to unleash their true power and defeat the evil warlord Garmadon.

The Luck Of Ginger Coffey

An out-of-work Irish immigrant in Montreal remains hopeful that his luck is about to change but his disillusioned family grow tired of his pigheadedness and instability.

The Owl And The Pussycat

A nebbish bookstore clerk and a neighborhood hooker meet, fight and fall in love.

The Silencers

The first of the series of Secret Agent Matt Helm films, the big cheese of Big O, an organization that wants to sabatoge the American atomic missile system.

Theethum Nandrum

Two friends, who earn money illegally through burglary, decide to bid farewell to crimes. But fate had other plans for them.

Tik Tik Tik

An escape artist is recruited by the Indian Space Research Organisation to join a special team. Their mission is to stop an advancing asteroid from hitting the Earth and causing a catastrophe

To Write Love On Her Arms

Kat Dennings stars in the inspirational true story about a troubled girl and her journey towards hope, healing, recovery and redemption with the help of friends.


An unhinged poacher who makes his living off the ivory trade is challenged by a game warden, who happens to be his former old friend, and a female animal conservationist. The poacher snaps and decides to kill them both.


After dropping her kids at school one morning, Jo receives a disturbing text message from an unknown caller. It alleges an inappropriate relationship between her new boyfriend Danny who's recently moved in, and her 11 year old daughter. Over a weekend, Jo's doubts and suspicions begin to grow, until she's no longer sure whether the man she's living with is a child abuser.


A lonely boy, who lives in Amsterdam with his refugee mother from Kosovo, keeps getting into trouble while yearning for her acceptance. But the traumas caused by the war, which his mother hides away from him, turn his world upside down.

30th Apr

100M Criminal Conviction

Aiden, a naive intern at a fashion magazine is ensnared by Maggie, a devious editor. However, he manages to escape, as she tightens her web of deceit.

A Little Princess

Sara Crewe enters a London boarding school a wealthy lady when she bids her father farewell as he enters the British Army, but her lifestyle quickly vanishes when her father suddenly dies, and Sara must endure a life of servitude.


The story revolves around two guys who make use of different ways to earn money and enjoy life, but their life changes when they accidentally get a statue, which is an angel from heaven.


In 2002, two rival Olympic ice skaters were stripped of their gold medals and permanently banned from men's single competition. Presently, however, they've found a loophole that will allow them to qualify as a pairs team.

Bambi's Childhood

A feature film based on the famous fairy tale by Felix Salten "Bambi, a Life in the Woods". The film traces the life of Bambi, a male roe deer, from his birth through childhood, the loss of his mother, the finding of a mate, the lessons he learns from his father and experience about the dangers posed by human hunters in the forest.

Blind Trust

A woman is convicted of killing her friend and boyfriend in the heat of passion even though she is defended by a top lawyer. She flees after the trial in order to learn who framed her.


A bizarre series of sudden disappearances on the streets of New York City seems to point toward something unsavory living in the sewers.

Creature from Big Muddy

In the early 1970's in Murphysboro, Illinois, the town was terrorized by a creature that was thought to come out of a local river called the Big Muddy. It was described as an eight foot tall, bigfoot-like creature. Featuring authors of the strange, Chad Lewis and Kevin Lee Nelson, this is an investigative look into the legend of The Big Muddy Monster.

Cry Babies Magic Tears

In previous seasons, the Cry Babies Magic Tears of the Valley discovered through a magic portal the Fantasy World, the world where babies with powers live. In the third season many surprises and great friends await us. The babies of the Fantasy World, the Valley and the Winged Neighbourhood will continue to experience new adventures and challenges.

Double Take

The sculptor Elizabeth King mines the spaces in between classical sculpture and automata; life and the life- like. Double Take: The Art of Elizabeth King explores the motives and creations of this quiet iconoclast at a pivotal moment in her career.

First Response

After a robbery gone wrong, a veteran paramedic and her partner are hijacked, held at gunpoint, and forced to perform dangerous medical procedures, all the while evading the police in an attempt to save their own lives.

Flirting with Danger

Rafe is searching for the reason behind the sudden death of his best friend Tommy. When he becomes convinced that Tommy was murdered, he is led to a mysterious woman with whom Tommy was involved with. Enter a seductress who manipulates Rafe into falling in love with her as he soon finds himself in danger and realizes that she is not the innocent lover she led him to believe she was.

Forget and Forgive

Left for dead after a vicious attack, Homicide Detective Anna Walker wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and no recollection of her previous life. Harsh revelations lead her on a journey to put her life back together, only to discover that the road to recovery has put her family's safety in jeopardy.

Interview with the Alien

A young writer is looking for a good topic to discuss in her next book, and runs into a mysterious man who claims to be an extraterrestrial.

Investiture of the Gods

The story is set in the era of the decline of the Shang dynasty (1600-1046 BC) and the rise of the Zhou dynasty (1046-256 BC). It intertwines numerous elements of Chinese mythology, including deities, immortals and spirits.

Kept Woman

Jessica and her fiancé finally move out of the city and into their dream home on a quiet suburban street. When their strange and mysterious new neighbor lures Jessica inside his home, she finds herself imprisoned in a meticulously decorated 1950's bunker.

Lethal Obsession

A woman's troubled brother tracks her down after years spent apart.

Love Fraud

The search for a man who preyed upon unsuspecting women looking for love.

Lucky Grandma

A dark comedy full of heart, laughs and wicked sass. The story of a cardigan clad, chain smoking Chinese Grandma who - in an attempt to get some cash - goes all in at a casino but lands herself on the wrong side of luck. When she steals loot from a dead criminal boss, she hires a rival gangland bodyguard to protect her from the violent crooks who are after her to reclaim the cash.

Ondu Motteya Kathe

Bald men are often made a butt of jokes, sometimes amongst friends and sometimes by random strangers. Ondu Motteya Kathe (EGGHEAD) is a simple tale of a young bald man trying to find his soulmate. Will he find the girl of his dreams? Will he make his heart shine brighter than his head? A funny film with everyday characters and their real emotions. A struggle to be truly loved and not laughed at.

Reverse Angle

Aspiring journalist Eve Pierson survives a devastating car crash but is left with complete amnesia. Remembering nothing, she must depend on a variety of characters to figure out who she is.


SQUISH is a story of three friends, like any other, except in this... they are AMEBAS! Squish is unstoppable, optimistic, so sure of himself that he becomes comical, thinks he's cooler than he really is. Peggy is super charming and super clueless. Pod is an obsessive-compulsive genius crazy about scientific data. As all the characters in the series are amoebas, anything can happen.

Smiley Face Killers

From the mind of Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) comes an all-new terrifying killer tale. When a murderous cult arrives on campus, Jake (Ronan Rubenstein, Orange is the New Black) finds himself plagued with mysterious messages that lead him and his friends down the rabbit hole towards murder and mayhem. Jake must decide if the cryptic messages are a prank or if his life truly is at risk.


A young candidate for the senate is filmed with a hooker as blackmail. As he investigates, he discovers some family secrets involving his father and their political careers...


Captain Howdy approaches young people with Internet traps to perform body modification surgeries against their will. A detective pursues him and, capturing him, locks him in a mental hospital. After his release, the man is despised by the people, an element which leads the madman to return to his rites guided by an angry revenge ...

Street of no return

A rock star-turned-bum, his vocal chords severed at the height of his career for the love of a woman, reclaims his forgotten past after viewing a music video and seeks revenge against the mobster who maimed him.

The Assassination at Sarajevo

Historical representation of the events that preceded the political assassination of Archduke Francesco Ferdinando, aspiring Emperor to the Austro-Hungarian throne, in Sarajevo, on June 28, 1914. Starting the First World War ...

The Emerging Past Director's Cut

Murder and mayhem surround Queens, New York photographer Pamela Garret after she is discovered taking life-altering pictures of ritualistic sacrifice. Her world suddenly becomes a jigsaw puzzle she quickly needs to solve. Krista Grotte, (Check Point, The Rack Pack) Brooke McCarter (The Lost Boys, Thrashn') Stephen Geofferys (Fright Night) Tony Moran (Halloween, BEG) Steve Dash (Friday13th part 2)

Tom Clancy's Without Remorse

Trigger Point

Recently affected by big business politics, Callie Banner decides to join an activist group to do something about it, finding a sense of belonging and solace in the association and its charismatic leader. Initially the group preaches action through non-violence but as she delves deeper into the activism, Callie becomes a target of the violence herself.

Two Wrongs

Sarah is a full-time nurse and single mother who confronts a parent's worst nightmare when her 7-year-old daughter, Lauren, is abducted while walking home from school. Faced with the kidnappers demands, Sarah must perform an unthinkable task to save her daughter - one that involves a patient she cares for.

Wandering Eye

Neglected by her workaholic husband, Maren Abbott (Amanda Righetti) meets a man through Wandering Eye, a networking website facilitating extramarital liaisons. Charming as he is, she can't go through with the affair. When he is found brutally murdered in their hotel room, she finds herself in the crosshairs of a serial killer who uses the website to trawl for his next victims.

Winter Begonia

Set in the 1930's, it follows Shang Xirui, a Peking opera performer who relies on his exceptional talent to gain fame in Beiping. Being an outsider, he faces opposition from the locals but doesn't relent nor give up in fulfilling his dreams to promote Peking opera.

29th Apr

8 Out Of 10 Cats

8 Out of 10 Cats is a British comedy panel show.


Something is coming in the night. The dark air fills with the sound of flapping wings and menacing shrieks. The night has wings and fear takes flight. Swarms of genetically altered bats have descended upon a sleepy, small Texan town and no one is safe. The only hope to stop the growing tide of bloody devastation is a zoologist who studies bats, her assistant Leon, and the local sheriff.

Beyond the Edge

Set in Moscow, Russia, a talented gambler gathers a team of con artists with supernatural powers to win big at a casino. But, their plan unravels when they encounter a stronger mystical rival.

Blossoms of Faith

Twenty-three days before her wedding, Betsy McLean loses her sister to a stroke. The bride-to-be must take a journey of faith before she can walk down the aisle.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

At fortysomething, straight-laced Cal Weaver is living the dream--good job, nice house, great kids and marriage to his high school sweetheart. But when Cal learns that his wife, Emily, has cheated on him and wants a divorce, his perfect life quickly unravels. Worse, in today's single world, Cal, who hasn't dated in decades, stands out as the epitome of un-smooth. Now spending his free evenings ...

Defining Moments

Moments of questioning; of discovery; of brokenness. Illusionist Jim Munroe is diagnosed with incurable cancer. After a bone marrow transplant, he is born anew. NFL football player David Tyree is at the pinnacle of his career, then is arrested and his world comes tumbling down. Musical artist Lacey Sturm experiences depression and is suicidal until a change. Billy Graham shares hope.

Doli Saja Ke Rakhna

Two star-crossed lovers are prompted to elope when the girl's burly brothers refuse to let them live in peace. But the overwhelmed youngsters start second guessing their decision when they see life for what it is.

Favourite Children's Songs

Come and join all your favorite characters as they sing and dance their way though 18 classic children's songs.

Four Corners

From director Matthew Myslinski, comes a historical comedy about science, discovery, and what happens after all the edges of the map have been filled in. Distraught to learn that there is nowhere else in the world left to discover, accomplished explorer Nathaniel J. Lockwood (Vince Eisenson) frantically seeks new direction in his life.

Grad Night

An Urban Comedy surrounding a group of yet to be graduates. Unfortunately for Crispus Attucks High, Class of 2005, the school's budget cut cannot afford to have its Grad Night off campus. But one group of grads are determined to make it a night they'll never forget.

Holy Moly!

A satirical film based on novels by famous Soviet writer Vasily Shukshin. Nikolai Knyazev lives in a small provincial seaside town. He works in an ordinary TV repair workshop, but his hobbies are very unusual - inventing and thinking. His heart and mind are wholly engrossed by 2 "great" ideas: the creation of a fundamental work on a just state and the invention of a perpetual motion machine.

Human experiments

A demented prison doctor performs gruesome shock therapy experiments on inmates.


When the violence of a drug war becomes all too personal, a troubled Special Forces veteran seeks bloody revenge against criminals.

The Crew

A young pilot is fired from military air force after disobeying an absurd order. He gets a job as a co-pilot with a civil airline. During a flight to Asia his crew receives a distress message from a volcanic island and makes a decision to attempt a rescue mission. Will they survive the disaster? They have a single chance to find that out: by being a team and sticking up for one another.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A group of friends are terrorised by a chainsaw wielding madman and his depraved family in this legendary horror.


A TV talk show host baits young Yana into confessing her unusual relationship with an aging rocker. This leads to a chase by a vigilante group of hunters and other complications.

Trouble in mind

In the mysterious Rain City, a former policeman, Hawk, is out of prison after serving eight years on a murder rap. He returns to his former hangout, Wanda's Cafe, run by his former love, Wanda. New arrivals in town are the down on his luck: Coop, his naive wife Georgia and their baby boy, Spike. In desperate need of money, Coop goes to work for a gangster, Solo, but he isn't very good at his job.

Vakeel Saab

Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas) and her two friends Zareena (Anjali) and (Divya Ananya Nagalla) get implicated in  a crime after escaping molestation. Alcoholic lawyer, Satya Dev (Pawan Kalyan) a.k.a Vakeel Saab, takes up their case and fights for justice. The rest is a high voltage courtroom drama with lawyer Nanda (Prakash Raj) and certain eye-openers with regard to freedom and choice of women.

Virtuality, This Game Isn't Childish

A college student Tanya jokingly agrees to engage in virtual sex with a stranger on the Internet, without even suggesting that she opened a Pandora's box. And now her life is in the hands of a maniac who imagines himself a filmmaker. He is filming an erotic film in which Tanya, against her will, plays a major role. And what happens in the story is no longer under her control.

Walker Show

Jay Walker's stand-up monologues, inventive sketches and parody commercials are featured, as well as musical performances from the industry's top talents and candid interviews with major celebrities and political figures.

Watch Out, We're Mad!

After a tied 1st place in a local stunt race, two drivers start a contest to decide who of them will own the prize, a dune buggy. But when a mobster destroys the car, they are determined to get it back.

28th Apr

Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me

In this secret agent spoof, British superspy Austin Powers returns to the 1960s to reclaim his mojo (libido) from Dr Evil, who has also aimed a cannon at Earth. With the help of Felicity Shagwell, Austin must also deal with Evil's clone, Mini-Me and his son Scott, not to mention saving the planet!

Austin Powers in Goldmember

The "sshhh!" hits the fan when Dr.Evil and Mini-Me escape from prison. Joining forces with the superfreaky Goldmember, they kidnap Austin's father, master spy Nigel Powers (Oscar winner Michael Caine), in a dastardly time-travel scheme to take over the world. Before you can say "Shake Your Booty," Austin cruises to 1975 and teams up with sexy Foxxy Cleopatra (Beyonce Knowles) to stop Dr. Evil.


"Beyblade: Metal Fusion" follows the adventures of Gingka Hagane, who is searching for his hidden past while trying to defeat the evil Dark Nebula organization and Ryuga, a man with an infamous forbidden Bey.


Regarded as a cautionary tale equal to the works of Orwell and Huxley, this a nightmare vision of a dystopian future where technology reigns supreme and love is forbidden. A daydreaming bureaucrat becomes the tragic victim of his own romantic illusions.

Fender Bender

In a small New Mexico town, teenager Hilary gets into her first fender bender and innocently exchanges her personal information with the other driver, a terrifying and bizarre serial killer who stalks the country road for his next victims.

London Has Fallen

The sequel to the worldwide smash hit Olympus Has Fallen begins in London, where the British Prime Minister has passed away under mysterious circumstances.

Miru Miru

This is the story of a quirky little sea otter who finds himself in a new, unknown place. Miru is bubbling with energy and eager to understand how everything works. His new friends, a group of well meaning yet scatterbrained animals, help him find his way in his new surroundings. Luckily, he has a big imagination, but the most unconventional ideas about his discoveries!

Olympus Has Fallen

When unidentified aircraft is spotted approaching the White House, the Secret Service rush the President, his cabinet and visiting officials to the safety of the presidential bunker. But will this be sanctuary enough? As the Oval office and its environs sustain an aerial and ground attack, disgraced former U.S. Secret Service man, Mike Banning, thinks not.

Pet Alien Season 1

Tommy Cadle's life is turned upside down when a group of wild and outrageous aliens crash into his world. Taking refuge in his lighthouse and taking over his life, the young earth boy struggles to educate his house guests about the way things are done on Earth. But the uninvited aliens have their own ideas about what's best for Tommy and his fabulous little mudball of a planet.


he lively adventures of a little girl, the carefree, joyful and occasionally perky Fatou, and an alien, the clumsy Roger, on a tropical island... Throughout their adventures, they trigger small accidents that sometimes grow into major disasters, but (almost) always end on a happy note. In short, Roger and Fatou spend their time saving the island from their own mistakes and blunders.


A student who can smell ghosts work together with a dead senior classmate to investigate a murder from 50 years ago.

That Girl

An aspiring actress moves to New York City to try and make it big, having to take offbeat "temp" jobs to support herself in between auditions. Starring Marlo Thomas and Ted Bessell.

The Boarding School

After a failed escape attempt, Manuel disappears in the woods at the hands of a mysterious man in a crow mask. Despite being subjected to strict discipline, Paul, Amaia and his other friends never stop looking for him. Their adventures lead to discovering that the old cult that inhabited the woods, the Crow’s Nest, is still committing crimes and Las Cumbres is more than just a school.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Centered around the claustrophobic intrigue that was the court of Henry VIII, this historical drama presents a calculating Anne (Portman), who usurps her older sister Mary (Johannson) as the king's mistress and ultimately desires to be his new queen.

The Sweet Hereafter

A bus crash in a small town brings a lawyer to the town to defend the families, but he discovers that everything is not what it seems.

The Tommy Taylor Show

Comedian Tommy Taylor Jr stars in this hilarious & award-winning sketch comedy show! Featuring a blend of his impersonations, parodies, skits, man-on-the-streets interviews, and of course the beautiful Tommy Girls! Prepare for a wild ride of Good. Clean. Comedy.

Twinkle Twinkle

At the request of a friend J (Lee Banton) to his 2 best friends the dream of a final camping trip before he gets married is a must , but the friends soon find out that fun turns to terror as their captured by something unholy and evil with the thirst for human flesh . with a all star cast of new acting talents comes the most real British Horror film ever made , Written, and Directed By Carlo Bath


Rishi and Shan, friends from childhood, are both working as property consultants. Even as Rishi becomes greedy and starts taking most of Shan's commission, One day, Rishi lands in trouble when a gang member gets killed during a shootout and the deceased man's brother, gangster Kesavan , blames Rishi for the death. To save himself, Rishi shifts the blame to Shan and now Kesavan is going after Shan.

Wolves of the Range

Dorn is after the rancher's land and is trying to stop Banker Brady from helping them. When his man Hammond kills Brady, there is a run on the bank. When Rocky (aka The Lone Rider) volunteers to ride to the next town for money, he is ambushed by Dorn's men, loses his memory, and is jailed for supposedly stealing the money.

27th Apr


Babu, a young man, falls in love with Kammo. When a thug rapes her, he murders him out of revenge, which leads to his arrest. After his release, he starts looking after Kammo and her child Pinky. However, Pinky grows up to be a snob.

Deal or No Deal

Twenty-six sums of money, twenty-six suitcases and one question: Deal or no deal.

Girl Power

Girl Power is about women devoted to graffiti, a world predominated by men. 15 female graffiti writers meet the one of the authors of this movie -Sany, a female graffiti writer from Prague. She sacrificed aplenty over the eight years of creating this piece of new perspective on a phenomenon more often seen by the general public as vandalism, and lets us peek into the lifestyle of this subculture.


Leon is a character who lives in his own universe, constantly on the lookout for fun. His fearless, never-say-die personality and his penchant to try just about anything will often land him in trouble. But, never fear, Leon will always end up okay. In his world, the laws of physics barely apply.

Love, Millennial Style

A digital anthology comedy series starring a line up of actors in sketches and shorts depicting love and romance in millennial times.

Luna, The Witch

When an innocent young modern-day witch accidentally botches a love potion she uses on the boy she likes, she must turn to her mother and her great-great-great grandmother for help repairing the damage.

The Pinkertons

The Pinkertons TV Series is a one hour detective series set in the wild west of 1865. It draws from the real cases of Pinkerton'sNational Detective Agency founder Allan Pinkerton, his son, William, and America's first female detective, Kate Warne, as they solved crimes and brought justice to the wild frontier.

The Pizza Joint

Thomas (Timothy Delaghetto) and Anthony (Anthony Guajardo) run the best pizza joint in town, Phu-King Pizza! They have a deal in place with Playa Playa (Noel G), to use his most coveted strain, "Jamaican Goddess," and infuse it directly into the pizza. On pay day the $20k owed to Playa Playa was stolen, and the duo with their misfit employees, are given until midnight to pay the debt or else.

The Starving Games

Good morning hungry citizens of District 12! Don't forget today is the Gathering Ceremony, so parents please do bring your beloved children to the square for a random death lottery. When lithe and fearless Kantmiss Evershot volunteers to take part in the winner-takes-all Starving Games, she takes on a whole lot more than she had bargained for.

26th Apr

Address Unknown

10 years after their fathers' deaths, two teenagers' tragic common bond leads to friendship and adventure. Determined to uncover what really happened to their fathers, Matt and Tarra must take on two officials who know the shocking truth.


Three African women living in the Bronx navigate the difficulties of life, relationships, and finding their own meanings of happiness and true love.

Dentist In The Chair

1960. Comedy. Burglar steals Dentistry equipment by mistake and tries to sell them to Student Dentists. Mild amusements follow.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

In the small town of Mount Rose, Minnesota, a teen beauty pageant is about to unleash a fury of very unladylike behaviour. For in this contest, going after the crown is an all-out war where you win any way you can... or die trying. A wickedly twisted, razor sharp satire, starring Kirsten Dunst, Ellen Barkin, Oscar Winner Allison Janney, Oscar Nominee Amy Adams, Brittany Murphy and Denise Richards.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

After a boy sees a man in Santa Claus suit kissing his mother, he thinks that the real Santa wants to replace his father, so he goes to prank-war with him.

In Search of Doc Holliday

In 1881, John Henry 'Doc' Holliday rose to infamy at the famous gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. In this documentary, we trace Holliday's roots from his life during the Civil War and Reconstruction Georgia, to dental school in Philadelphia, and onwards to the Wild West. Join us as we go in search of the real "Doc" Holliday.


A college art class project involving each student adding a part to a mannequin takes a turn for the worst when the students drunken confessions of their deepest fears animates the mannequin, which begins to hunt and kill them according to what frightens them most.

Kamali From Nadukkaveri

A happy go lucky girl in the small village Nadukkaveri She studies in a Tamil medium state board school and doesn't have a big dream until she sees the interview of a CBSE topper Rohit who joins IIT Madras late Now Kamali is in love with the boy whom she has never seen before and wants to join IIT only for him

Love Story

Cao Aiai is an assistant in an advertising company. Zhan Shaoang is the only son of a rich family who just ran away from an unwilling wedding. When Cai Aiai just tried to learn to drive a car, she happened to hit Mr. Zhan. After Mr. Zhan woke up in the hospital, He lost some memories temporarily. Cao Aiai brings him back to her room and takes care of him. Here comes their comedy love story.


A dark erotic thriller in which a homicide detective investigating a series of sexually gruesome serial murders, become embroiled in a world of lesbianism and bondage. Starring Ellen Barkin (Drop Dead Gorgeous), Julian Sands (A Room with a View), Peta Wilson (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects). From the Producer of The Whole Ten Yards and Spartan.


This one-hour special shows the humble mouse as you've never seen it before: as an undercover agent, escape artist, daredevil and high wire gymnast.

Mumbai Saga

Mumbai Saga is the story of Amartya Rao who takes on the exploitative high and the mighty head-on, snatching his legitimate place under the sun. While on the face of it, Mumbai Saga is the story of the duel between Amartya Rao and Senior Inspector Vijay Sawarkar, it also is the story of hopes, aspirations, friendships and betrayals in the backdrop of early 90s.


A young aspiring model from Mumbai accepts an offer to have photos taken for her modeling portfolio in Hyderabad. Soon her peace and quiet is shattered by a gang of local thugs who molest and torture her, then leave her for dead. But she returns for vengeance, trapping the men one by one. She inflicts pain on her attackers with a ferocity that surpasses her own or deal.

October Sky

Jake Gyllenhaal and Laura Dern star in this inspiring true story about a teenager living in a West Virginia mining town who dares to reach for the stars after seeing the Sputnik satellite.

The Hike

A young soldier, Kate (Zara Phythian), returns from a tour in Afghanistan after witnessing her boyfriend's tragic death in combat. With the comfort of her friends, including Torri (Barbara Nedeljacova), she takes the chance to get away on a camping trip to a picturesque, remote area of the British countryside.

The Wedding Singer

A hopelessly romantic cabaret wedding singer falls in love with a bubbly waitress at a function only to discover she's engaged to someone else - a sleazy, junk bond salesman who plays the field. Can our hero win her over before she elopes to Las Vegas? Watch out for the great soundtrack!

Winter Warrior

In the autumn of 573AD, the eight-year civil war that divides the Celtic nations in post Romano-Britain ends at the battle of Arthuret. Fingal a Celtic mercenary soldier is returning home to his Roman wife, Lillian, who lives with his people of Caledon. Weighed down by his travel bags full of the treasures of war, he rescues the Jewish slave girl, Jessica from her Angle captors.